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The global economy is entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), or Industry 4.0, based on the application of new digital and automated technologies in production processes and service delivery. These changes are presenting emerging markets with opportunities, as well as risks. Wealthier emerging markets, such as the Gulf states, that...


With just over one in five beers exported around the world originating in Mexico, the country remains one of the top global producers of the brewed beverage. While the domestic beer industry points to consumer-friendly lager as the reason for its success, additional behind-the-scenes factors have also propelled Mexico’s rise among major...


Mexican companies are making strong progress in adopting digital technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of their operations, according to new research; however, industry figures have highlighted opportunities for greater advancements to be made in the field of innovation.


What is being done to improve Mexico’s patent ranking and boost its position as a regional leader in international property rights?


The authorities have long recognised the importance of research and innovation to the development of a strong and sustainable economy. To date, however, a number of structural challenges have somewhat limited innovation, and certain government research and development (R&D) spending goals remain unmet.


What makes Mexico a popular investment destination for the global automotive industry, and how can this position be consolidated?