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Chapter | Energy from The Report: Mexico 2017

Mexico’s energy sector has been undergoing a profound paradigm shift since a reform programme, launched in 2013, put an end to state monopolies in most subsectors and began the process of opening the production and distribution of oil, gas, petrochemicals and electricity to private investment. In parallel, the entire legal, regulatory and institutional framework is being transformed to oversee...

Con un creciente interés por parte de petroleras internacionales, México hará pública la segunda ronda de licitaciones para campos profundos a comienzo del próximo año.

Impulsado por la agenda de reforma energética del gobierno, México está emergiendo como un líder de mercado en energías renovables, con la energía eólica al frente del crecimiento sectorial.


With installed capacity of 2600 MW in wind and 55 MW in solar power plants, Mexico generates around 10% of its energy with non-hydro renewables, but it aims to produce 35% of its energy from clean sources by 2024.


How do local content laws affect competiveness?


The initial phase of the energy reform’s legal and institutional framework has been concluded. During this process, the Federal Executive Council, Congress, political parties and the media, as well as academic, social and business sectors, have had a dialogue on how to transform the industry in order to allow technical, financial and human...