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Chapter | Industry & Retail from The Report: Malaysia 2016

Crucial to Malaysia’s economic development is the continued transformation of its industrial base into one predicated on high value-added products and driven by innovation, automation and increased productivity. Such a shift is important to ensure the country is well-placed to compete in an increasingly competitive and open global market, a trend exemplified by the commencement of the ASEAN...

Malaysia is enjoying uninterrupted momentum in attracting investment and trade flows destined for South-east Asia. As a leading trading nation it has the necessary infrastructure and determination to compete and partner with its ASEAN neighbors to create a more sustainable growth model.

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A new investment drive to make Johor the centre of Malaysia’s nascent robotics industry is moving ahead, part of a broader push to attract more high-tech developments.

A slight uptick in sales and new hires in Malaysia’s manufacturing sector indicates the country may be moving towards a rebound, though any recovery is likely to be muted, as rising costs and uncertainty over demand look set to curb growth rates.

A cooling domestic economy and uncertainty over the pace of global recovery could slow the rebound of Malaysia’s automotive sector, which has seen sales decline year-to-date. 


How is Malaysia expanding collaboration with other nations to bolster its capacity for innovation, science and technology?


With steadily rising per capita income and a modern, increasingly sophisticated and widespread retail sector, Malaysians today have a wider choice than ever when it comes to both consumer products and the channels through which to purchase them.


How can retailers take advantage of new technologies to both increase business efficiency and enhance customer experience?