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While advanced economies generate the vast majority of insurance and reinsurance business, emerging markets are posting higher rates of growth. Complementing this underlying trend is the strong and expanding interest in catastrophic risk, which by nature tends to pertain to emerging markets.


Over the course of 2017-18 Kuwait’s Islamic financial services (IFS) industry saw continued growth and ongoing development, shoring up the country’s long-standing reputation as a global centre for sharia-compliant banking, insurance and investment activities. At the end of 2017 Kuwait was home to 6% of all sharia-compliant assets, according to...


How is Boursa Kuwait encouraging more listings?


The period of easily raising funds from abroad seems to be coming to an end for emerging markets. In the new environment of higher US interest rates and increased competition for capital flows, portfolio managers are becoming more selective with where they place their money. One way for developing nations to ensure that their financial markets...


Do you think that there is an absence of sharia-compliant liquidity management tools, and what solutions would you propose to this?


The Kuwait stock market is undergoing a series of upgrades and changes, which taken together have the potential to trigger a transformation in the market’s daily operations and long-term prospects.