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Once reserved for ambitious start-ups and industry-leading tech operators, financial technology (fintech) has more recently caught the attention of major private sector firms and government planners alike, becoming a regular feature in budget speeches and strategic development plans. As fintech progressively plays a larger part in the lives of...

Chapter | Banking from The Report: Kuwait 2018

Underpinned by rising commodity prices and, consequently, increased domestic spending, Kuwait’s banking sector performed well in the 18 months to mid-2018. The industry posted net profit growth of 8.9% and total asset growth of 5.9% to $251.9bn in 2017, even as local banks moved to adhere to a raft of new provisioning rules. With the price of crude more than doubling from $28 per barrel in...

In order to meet rising domestic demand and free up oil for export, Kuwait is increasing investment in solar energy, providing opportunities for technology and service providers.

Kuwait’s economy returned to growth in 2018, with higher input from the non-oil sector and increased government investment combining to drive expansion, while reforms to the capital markets and banking sectors should attract further inflows moving forward.

Kuwait has moved forward with plans to ease traffic congestion and improve transport infrastructure, with the authorities announcing that a major road project is close to completion, while a series of others are ahead of schedule.


What sectors are able to offer new opportunities for bankable investment projects?