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As Kuwait’s economy continues to adjust to the new oil price environment the country’s government is pushing ahead with investment plans and reforms that promise to put the country on a sustainable growth path in the coming years.

The telecoms sector in Kuwait has maintained steady growth in recent months, with profits rising on the back of robust demand for mobile broadband and data services.


In February 2016 Kuwait’s Ministry of Communications handed over key oversight and regulatory responsibilities to the country’s new ICT regulator, the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA), heralding the start of new era for the country’s ICT ecosystem. CITRA is set take on the ministry’s role as regulator for...


As telecoms firms adapt to the new regulatory authority, what are the most important aspects of the regulator’s initial strategic plan?


Kuwait’s traditionally telecoms-led ICT sector saw developments in the past year that could encourage continuing expansion in telecoms and spur progress in the industry. While three telecoms operators continue to compete for the country’s high-value consumer market, they have also partnered with global ICT firms to expand their enterprise...


What have you identified as the most important priorities of the new regulatory authority?