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As Kuwait’s economy continues to adjust to the new oil price environment the country’s government is pushing ahead with investment plans and reforms that promise to put the country on a sustainable growth path in the coming years.

Kuwait has maintained the tempo of its infrastructure development drive, despite a challenging economic climate that resulted in a second consecutive budget deficit in the previous fiscal year ending March 31. 


Across the GCC, governments have strengthened their commitments to major capital expenditure in spite of the prevailing oil price environment. To offset the cost of this spending, officials have been working to recruit help from the private sector through public-private partnerships (PPPs). In November 2015 authorities in Dubai implemented a...


In the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis, banking sectors around the world introduced steps to mitigate future risks and create more stress-resilient financial institutions with the Basel III regulations. Due to their effects on bank liquidity, these requirements could have important implications for Kuwait’s real estate sector. As the...


Are lower raw material prices being passed off to end-consumers, and could rising labour costs offset any potential benefits to consumers?


How would you assess the balance between mid-market and upper-market development in the sector, and are investors responding?