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Building on its sizeable reserves of soda ash, fluorspar and titanium oxide, among other resources, Kenya’s burgeoning mining sector is poised for significant long-term growth. The industry’s potential is thus helping to draw in significant investments in its critical infrastructure.


What specific measures could help improve the country’s attractiveness for mining operators?


The country’s electrification targets are ambitious; Kenya hopes to add an additional 5000 MW of generation capacity by 2017, and an additional 23,000 MW by 2030. Although the government has already unveiled its Last Mile Connectivity Project (LMCP), which will connect an additional 300,000 Kenyan households to the national grid in the coming...


What do you see as the biggest challenges to achieving the goals of Power Africa?


What role do you see for the private sector in terms of electricity generation in Kenya?


Geothermal energy offers a solution to Kenya’s energy constraints that is both cost-effective and has great development potential, and it is now the largest contributor to total power production in Kenya. Furthermore, it is set to expand significantly in the next 15 years. The government and private sector have both made considerable progress...