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The Ghanaian economy is well positioned to accelerate growth, with several key factors likely to encourage expansion in the coming years.

Moves by Ghana to expand port capacity are helping to reduce processing times and costs, although congested intermodal connections still limit throughput.


What can African ports do to increase their share of trans-shipment activity?


Tema, around 20 km to the east of Accra, is Ghana’s largest port, handling around 70% of its international maritime trade, and most of its imports. It is also an important maritime gateway for the landlocked countries to Ghana’s north, though it faces rising competition from other coastal neighbours. The port is home to one of the country’s...


For some years, the development of Ghana’s airport infrastructure lagged behind economic growth. Accra’s airport, the gateway to the country, came under pressure from rising passenger numbers, while major regional centres lacked the connectivity that could have helped them better tap into the country’s growth. Now the government, backed by...


What potential does Ghana offer as a trans-shipment and transit centre for nearby countries?