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How do you expect livestock production to evolve during the coming years?

Chapter | Agriculture & Forestry from The Report: Gabon 2015

The government is aiming to boost agriculture’s contribution to GDP to 20% by 2025 through partnership with international institutions and private enterprises. It also intends to reduce food imports, which reached €523.8m in 2014. Efforts are under way to ensure that sector management is sustainable.

This chapter includes interviews with Gagan Gupta, Country Head, Olam; and Gert...

An upper-middle-income country situated on the Gulf of Guinea, Gabon is one of Africa’s leading oil producers. With a population of around 1.7m and a stable political system, it plays a leading role in the region through its membership in the CEMAC economic bloc.

Le Gabon a lancé en décembre un nouveau programme agricole ambitieux visant à accroître la production des cultures de base, une démarche qui s’inscrit dans un projet politique plus vaste de ce pays très urbanisé d’Afrique Centrale, qui redouble d’efforts pour atteindre l’autosuffisance alimentaire et réduire ses coûts d’importation.

How can Gabon increase production in the fisheries sector and realise its full potential?

Developing the downstream timber industry is a central element of Gabon’s strategy to achieve economic diversification and long-term growth through domestic processing of its natural resources. With 85% of the country under tropical forest cover, the timber sector benefits from an extensive raw materials supply. It is also a major employer, and absorbs more of the...