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Chapter | Industry from The Report: Egypt 2016

In the years since the 2011 revolution, the industrial sector has been put at the forefront of government plans for economic growth. New industrial zones, substantive training programmes and development plans along the Suez Canal corridor have all been committed to paper as part of a strategy to boost the manufacturing sector’s contribution to economic output over the next decade. The...


The retail environment in Egypt is set for a transformation over the coming decade. While it has always been a key facet of the country’s economy, with household consumption expenditure accounting for 82.8% of GDP in 2014, it is likely to become all the more formalised over the next 10 years. The sector has remained intact in the face of...


As Egypt’s retail sector expands and consumer confidence returns, developers are looking to build dedicated spaces for new outlets. With housing and construction set to attract $7.3bn in investment and offer internal rates of return of 20-30%, it is no surprise that retail real estate is also receiving attention.


The announcement in 2014 that BP, one of the largest foreign investors in Egypt, plans to spend more than $12bn on its Egyptian operations over the next five years marks a significant reversal of fortunes for Egypt’s gas sector as well as for the country’s revenues.


What is the potential for future large-scale discoveries offshore in the Mediterranean?


How important are Egypt’s fuel subsidy reforms?