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Chapter | Banking from The Report: Egypt 2019

Egypt has been a regional banking powerhouse for more than a century and is home to the biggest bank¬ing sector in North Africa. The industry is also one of the region’s most stable, surviving both the economic turbulence that followed the Arab Spring and a more recent foreign currency crisis that saw government auctions of US dollars and the growth of a parallel market for foreign currency....

As Egypt is the most-populous Arab nation and third-most populous in Africa, population pressure is driving the nation’s economic agenda, with an estimated 3.5m young Egyptians entering the labour force by 2023. Recent years have seen an array of public initiatives aimed at encouraging private sector activity, but these remain hampered by a challenging economic backdrop and structural hurdles.

What is the environment around SME activity on the Nile Stock Exchange (NILEX), and what areas do you believe need more focus?

How is Africa’s Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) likely to affect opportunities for domestic exporters?

How has the currency flotation affected Egypt’s economy?

Egypt has outlined a series of reforms aimed at expanding insurance penetration, with the expectation that regulatory measures, coupled with the rollout of universal health coverage, will lead to a doubling of premiums within the next five years.