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Over the course of 2014 Egypt’s energy sector has seen some welcome developments. The announcement of a debt-repayment programme for funds owed to international oil companies (IOCs) has restored confidence in the upstream segment and brought pledges of increased investment from larger operators such as the UK’s BP.

In light of the challenge of meeting rising energy demand, how can electronic processes improve the rationalisation of energy subsidies?

What can be done to stimulate foreign direct investment in Egypt’s upstream segment?

With some of the largest reserves of natural gas on the continent and a robust long-term upstream outlook, Egypt’s natural gas industry has made a significant turnaround by switching from exporting to importing. In the first decade of this century, Egypt went about exploiting its gas resource with great success, doubling production between 2000 and 2006. However, after a peak...

Thanks to their lengthy development cycles, Egypt’s oil and gas fields have continued to attract foreign investment steadily over the past three years, in spite of the broader instability in the country. The reserves remain extensive enough to ensure continued interest in them for years to come. Nevertheless, there has been a plateau in production levels and, due to rising...

For millennia Egypt has been one of the most strategically important places on earth, and often one of its most culturally influential. Despite significant structural issues and the political instability of the past few years, it remains a country of great regional and global importance.