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What is your forecast for natural gas demand?


What is the potential for future large-scale discoveries offshore in the Mediterranean?


How important are Egypt’s fuel subsidy reforms?


The single largest structural shift in the last decade’s global energy markets, the emerging output of shale gas and oil in the US, is having its most disruptive effect on African oil producers. The US’s reliance on African exporters, which reached a peak of 20.34% of US oil imports in 2007, has sharply reversed as domestic sources of similar...


What opportunities will plans to boost electricity production create for private sector investors?


What trends do you see in terms of demand for fuels and lubricants in Egypt? EL AMROUSSY: Egypt has witnessed a steady economic recovery since mid-2014 – evident throughout a number of different sectors in the economy, and led by the launch of several mega-projects – which in turn has translated into positive trends in terms of...