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What steps are being taken to boost the sector’s investment attractiveness?

As Egypt enters 2018, a newly liberalised local currency and the recent implementation of a much-anticipated investment framework have left the country well positioned for continued economic expansion: the IMF expects GDP growth to reach 4.5% in 2018 and accelerate to around 6% over the medium term.

A recently discovered gas field in Egypt – one of the world’s largest – is on track to begin production by the start of next year, which should quickly ease the country’s reliance on energy imports.

Heightened activity across several of Egypt’s large, new gas fields and government policy measures aimed at encouraging the sector’s development have put the country on course to reach its target of becoming a net exporter by 2019.


Egypt is one of Africa’s main oil and gas producers, but it is also the continent’s largest consumer of energy. Both oil and gas are found throughout the country in multiple onshore and offshore regions, including the Mediterranean Sea, which is emerging as a major new gas basin. Nevertheless, sourcing enough supply to meet demand is the...


Egypt’s power sector is racing to cope with demand, which is growing at the relatively high rate of about 6% per year. The rate is attributed to a fast-growing population and a subsidy regime that suppresses the price of electricity below a cost-reflective level that would normally encourage conservation. The state has a long-term plan to...