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The significant increase of electricity prices throughout 2017, coupled with other economic reform measures, placed considerable strain on both individual Egyptians and businesses in the country. Households and firms alike are banking on this short-term pain leading to long-term gain in the form of new investments across industries.


Egypt continues to strive not just for energy independence, but to return to its status as a regional exporter. With oil and gas fields in the Gulf of Suez, the Mediterranean Sea and the Western Desert, the country has been a site of energy exploration since the early 20th century. This has led not only to substantial oil production, but also...


What steps are being taken to boost the sector’s investment attractiveness?


For decades Egypt has been one of Africa’s largest petroleum producers. Though political unrest has diminished this capacity somewhat in recent years, the country is now hoping to attract further international interest as an exploration site and a production centre. It is aided in this effort by significant offshore and onshore discoveries, a...


What are the biggest financial pressures faced by renewable energy companies in Egypt?


What have been the effects of the fuel subsidy reforms on the energy sector, and has it impacted other areas of the economy?