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The contention that nothing is certain except for death and taxes has been given further credence as property taxes have finally become an established part of Egyptian life. A law to impose these levies was first introduced six years ago, but was never enforced in the face of strong opposition from property owners, and demands that the threshold and criteria be changed.

Thanks to privatisation and a growing population, the construction industry in Egypt flourished in the years up to 2010 and many of the cement producers doubled their capacity in order to supply the demand. This changed drastically, however, after the January 25 revolution in 2011 partly, but not wholly, because of the revolution itself. Certainly there was a squeeze on...

Chapter | Construction & Real Estate from The Report: Egypt 2014

Like many sectors in the country, construction has had more than its fair share of challenges in recent years. Yet in spite of the downside risks, the prospects for the building industry have not been brighter for decades. Continuation of new cities around Cairo, complete with offices and shopping malls, plans for 1m new affordable homes in the social housing segment, the expansion of the Suez...

For millennia Egypt has been one of the most strategically important places on earth, and often one of its most culturally influential. Despite significant structural issues and the political instability of the past few years, it remains a country of great regional and global importance.

Hopes are rising that a $4bn project to widen the Suez Canal will provide Egypt with a boost in construction activity, while also significantly raising revenue in the longer term.
Muted levels of construction activity since the 2011 revolution, combined with constraints on electricity supply, has stifled operating conditions for Egypt’s cement producers, though new projects scheduled to launch in the second half of 2014 could provide a helpful boost to the segment, recently buoyed by the successful IPO of Arabian Cement.