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What are the main drivers behind growth in Egypt’s residential market?

As Egypt enters 2018, a newly liberalised local currency and the recent implementation of a much-anticipated investment framework have left the country well positioned for continued economic expansion: the IMF expects GDP growth to reach 4.5% in 2018 and accelerate to around 6% over the medium term.


To what extent is the growth of the sector dependent on government spending?


As cranes tower over the skies of an ever-expanding Cairo and billboards advertising new housing developments, universities and malls sprout up all over the city, it is clear that after several years of fits and starts Egypt is in the midst of a construction boom. Large government priority projects, such as the New Administrative Capital, the...


Egypt is beginning the task of boosting GDP growth and creating job opportunities for its rapidly expanding population. Construction has traditionally been one of the most labour-intensive sectors in the country. However, a December 2015 study by the Egyptian Centre for Economic Studies (ECES) found that while the industry is an important...


In 2016 a variety of factors contributed to price fluctuations in the normally stable cement industry. Although some variability remains, industry experts predict a return to stable growth in the long term.