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Contractors in the Egyptian market have been among the hardest hit by the government’s ambitious reform agenda over 2017. While Cairo’s efforts to put the national economy on sounder footing will likely bear fruit, there has been short-term pain in the form of high inflation and increased cost pressures on construction firms. In this period of...


The Egyptian property market is constantly undergoing reform. While mortgages are difficult to obtain and disputes can be complex, the system as a whole is remarkably effective. People regularly buy and sell real estate, and a functioning market exists despite the lack of a best-practices system of recording.


How crucial are the ongoing large-scale infrastructure projects for local contractors?


How will the development of upcoming new cities help solve Egypt’s housing deficit?


What are the largest projects driving the Egyptian real estate sector?


Egypt’s construction pipeline is stocked with a wide variety of projects, from highway expansion to hospitals and schools. However, a primary source of future contracts is likely to be the housing segment, as the government has committed to alleviating the country’s chronic and long-standing housing deficit. Furthermore, despite recent...