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To what extent has currency depreciation had an impact in terms of foreign investment?


Colombia’s economy experienced a boom over the last decade, with per-capita GDP more than doubling and foreign direct investment growing tenfold. Infrastructure and transport development, however, has been struggling to keep pace with the country’s rapidly expanding economy.


What needs to be done for Colombia to reach international levels of competitiveness in logistics?


Colombia’s ambitious fourth generation (4G) road programme is a key part of the government’s transport infrastructure development strategy. The programme aims to build 45 new highway links and upgrade and renovate existing stretches of roads across the country for a total investment of $24bn. Most of the concessions are public-initiative,...


Located in northern Colombia, the Atlántico department is one of 32 departments in the country. It is part of the Colombian Caribbean region, with the port city of Barranquilla as its capital. According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics, the population is estimated at 2.5m. In recent years, Atlántico has stood out for its...


In what ways can a more decentralised government be beneficial to Colombia´s development?