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Chapter | Capital Markets from The Report: Colombia 2017

Developments in Colombia’s capital markets in recent years reflect those in the wider economy. The well-established sovereign fixed-income market has seen increased issuance as the government seeks to finance its widening budget deficit while rolling over its existing stock of debt. Increased global economic uncertainty, with bouts of extreme market volatility that particularly impact emerging...

Following a landmark peace agreement and a late-2016 tax reform package, 2017 looks to be a year of significant promise for Colombia. The country has been in recovery since the 2014 collapse in oil prices, which predominantly affected exports, government revenues and the exchange rate. However, with the external sector acting as a shock absorber, the authorities helped ensure that domestic demand was able to pick up some of the slack.

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El uso de servicios de banca digital ha crecido en Colombia, tanto en número como en el valor de las transacciones, gracias a una serie de inversiones estratégicas en nuevas tecnologías y métodos de pago innovadores.

A lo largo del 2018, el sector de los seguros en Colombia ha continuado creciendo y aumentando su actividad, a la vez que varias empresas internacionales han entrado en el mercado.

Las start-ups o empresas emergentes especializadas en tecnología digital están fortaleciendo su presencia en el sector financiero colombiano, una tendencia que podría ayudar al crecimiento del PIB en casi un punto porcentual en los próximos años.


Latin America has a population of more than 600m people and a combined GDP of over $5trn, and both have grown significantly since the turn of the century. Nonetheless, the region has been hit hard by the ebbing of the commodity super cycle in recent years, as well as still relatively sluggish global growth in the wake of the 2008-09 financial...


What are the greatest challenges facing Colombia’s insurance sector, and what role can insurance play in supporting economic growth?


Colombia is the fifth-largest insurance market in Latin America by premiums collected. However, it features weak penetration and density – measures of premiums compared to the size of the economy and the population, respectively – compared to other large markets in the region.