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Mientras el gobierno de Colombia trabaja para establecer un suministro adecuado de energía acorde a una población y economía crecientes, una serie de nuevos proyectos hidroeléctricos se desarrollan. En este contexto, algunos líderes de la industria advierten que un potencial exceso de oferta puede ser motivo de preocupación.

Cheap, plentiful energy has long been a precondition of the industrial age. In recent years though, conventional reserves of fossil fuels such as oil and gas have been steadily dwindling. With renewables not yet sufficiently developed to end dependence on these resources, the world faced a stark choice: either return to more hazardous and more...

What is being done to facilitate foreign direct investment (FDI) in the energy and mining sectors?

Thanks to the development of new technologies such as fracking and offshore drilling, hydrocarbons reserves previously thought inaccessible are being exploited. Colombia’s experience in developing these resources is limited, though recent auctions of unconventional blocks could open the door to extra reserves of oil and gas. The incorporation of...

How frequently are exploration delays the result of instability and security issues?

What is the significance to the oil industry in reaching the 1m barrels per day (bpd) production mark?