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What impact will OECD accession have on Colombia?


To what extent is the Canadian government working together with the UN and Colombian authorities to ensure support for Venezuelan refugees?


The political landscape in Colombia is rather complex, a result of the convoluted evolution that gave rise to the system as it stands today. In addition, the violent conflicts that gripped the country for decades, while partially resolved, still continue to exercise a defining influence on national politics.


Colombia constitutes a distinctive blend of ethnicities, cultures and geography. It has the second-largest population in South America and is the continent’s fourth-largest country. With two coasts on two different oceans, it is located at a natural crossroads between the Caribbean, Central and South America. In spite of its heavy focus on...

Chapter | The Guide from The Report: Colombia 2019

This section includes information on hotels, government offices and other listings, alongside useful tips for visitors on topics like currency, visas, language, communications, dress code, business hours and electricity.

Chapter | Economy from The Report: Colombia 2019

Colombia is poised for expansion in 2019 and 2020, despite some internal and external challenges that have not abated since 2018. Growth of the Colombian economy will be determined by which side of the scale advances further in the short term: strong consumer spending and increased investment in the construction sector due to the ongoing Fourth Generation road programme, or a deepening current...