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In which ways is the recent fiscal reform likely to have an impact on the administration?


What is Colombia’s current economic outlook?


In May 2018 member states of the OECD formally welcomed Colombia as the 37th member of the organisation. The country is the third nation in Latin America and the Caribbean to join the group, after Mexico and Chile. The OECD has traditionally been considered an organisation for developed economies, sometimes being referred to as “the league of...


What is the country’s strategy to increase exports and foreign direct investment (FDI)?


Colombia began 2019 with a raft of tax and fiscal reforms designed to stimulate local and foreign investment, though there are concerns that some of the measures may hinder growth in the short to medium term. Headlining the changes in the Financing Law, which came into effect on January 1, 2019, is the progressive reduction of corporate income...


How would you describe your administration’s economic priorities leading up to 2022?