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Following a landmark peace agreement and a late-2016 tax reform package, 2017 looks to be a year of significant promise for Colombia. The country has been in recovery since the 2014 collapse in oil prices, which predominantly affected exports, government revenues and the exchange rate. However, with the external sector acting as a shock absorber, the authorities helped ensure that domestic demand was able to pick up some of the slack.


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Los esfuerzos de Colombia para reducir su déficit fiscal y mejorar la seguridad financiera, han ayudado a proporcionar una plataforma sólida para el crecimiento futuro, según informe reciente del FMI. Sin embargo, se han recomendado reformas estructurales adicionales, con el fin de apoyar la expansión a largo plazo.

La necesidad de reducir el déficit y mantener la calificación de crédito soberano de Colombia ante una posible bajada de categoría ha impulsado al Gobierno a intentar conseguir una mayor inversión que mejore la deuda pública en su plan presupuestario más reciente.


LANGUAGE: Spanish is the official language, although more than 60 indigenous and Creole languages are spoken in various regions. English is also an official language in San Andrés, Providencia and the Santa Catalina islands off the northern coast. Business executives and senior government officials...


Colombia is in vogue, and its presence in global political and economic scenes is ubiquitous. Beyond the country being chosen by The Economist as its “country of the year” for 2016 and named the second best country to visit in 2017 by Lonely Planet, Colombia is also rising as a cultural and social epicentre in the Latin American...

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What role does the private sector play in furthering research and development (R&D)?