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Chapter | Agriculture from The Report: Cote d’Ivoire 2019

A number of development strategies estab¬lished by the government, notably the Na¬tional Agricultural Investment Programme, are leading the way for Côte d’Ivoire to increase its production in key subsectors and improve its processing capabilities. In the short term, storage capa¬bilities will be essential to ensuring that agricultural products are maintained at a standard of quality on par with...

Côte d’Ivoire has returned to economic growth after stabilising its political situation in 2011. The economy has grown at a rate of 9% per year since 2011, in part due to the emergence of its burgeoning industrial sector. As one of the fastest-growing African economies, with an annual GDP growth rate forecast at 7-7.5% in 2019, Côte d’Ivoire is now promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.

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Les deux premiers producteurs mondiaux de cacao ont mis en place un nouveau mécanisme de fixation des prix des fèves afin de promouvoir la durabilité de leurs secteurs respectifs et de garantir des revenus plus élevés pour les producteurs.


How have producers been affected by the financial difficulties that face exporters?


How is the development of the agriculture sector contributing to inclusive economic growth?


Against a backdrop of increasingly severe and financially straining climate events and natural disasters, technology is poised to play an important role in maintaining and improving global agricultural output. The adoption of digital and precision farming practices has been shown to improve crop resiliency, and boost productivity and incomes,...


Historically, agriculture has been the central driver of development since the nation gained independence in 1960. The country has an abundance of natural resources, and its fertile lands and favourable climate have allowed it to position itself as a key producer and exporter of some of the world’s premier soft commodities, ensuring a crucial...


A $200m loan from the World Bank is set to improve the efficiency and profitability of Côte d’Ivoire’s cashew industry, while the government is stepping up efforts to tackle the illegal smuggling of crops.