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Hengyi’s Pulau Muara Besar Petrochemicals Project is the largest overseas venture for a private Chinese firm. Why did you choose Brunei Darussalam?

Cheap, plentiful energy has long been a precondition of the industrial age. In recent years, however, conventional reserves of fossil fuels have been steadily dwindling. With renewables not yet sufficiently developed to end our dependence on these resources, the world seemed to face a stark choice: return to more hazardous and polluting sources such...

Brunei Darussalam is aiming to double oil and gas production by 2030. What opportunities can foreign energy players and local service companies look forward to in the medium term?

With the energy sector playing such a prominent role in the economy, the government is keen to make sure it has an increasingly positive impact locally in terms of both employment and revenue generation.

What potential is there for Brunei Darussalam to increase oil and gas production in the medium term?

the need to cross the Mediterranean, and official policy is being written to support international trading.

The EU’s Renewable Energy Directive calls for 20% renewable energy within the union by 2020 and permits member states to import energy from non-EU countries to help meet their respective quotas.