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Amid the constant change that has recently characterised North Africa, Algeria has charted a path of relative stability. This is largely due to vast oil and gas resources that have made it Africa’s fourth-largest economy.

Un accord portant sur l’ouverture d’une nouvelle centrale solaire symbolise la dernière mesure prise par l’Algérie afin d’accroître la production d’électricité renouvelable et de réduire sa consommation de gaz.

Malgré un climat mondial difficile, l'Algérie continue de s'atteler au développement de plusieurs projets clés dans le secteur des hydrocarbures, recherchant de nouveaux investissements de grands groupes pétroliers et gaziers internationaux.


We are in an international environment marked by political and economic developments that directly impact the energy sector. We have all been faced with a significant drop in income from hydrocarbons exports. This situation is also occurring in a national economic context marked by the growth of social demands. This shows how important the...


Hydrocarbons activity is the single most important industry in Algeria, accounting for approximately 60% of government revenues and 95% of total exports. The fall in oil prices since mid-2014 of more than 50% had a negative impact on the country’s finances and resulted in a halving of earnings from hydrocarbons exports. Concerns have been...


What can be done to increase large-scale power generation in Algeria?