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Situated along crucial sea shipping routes on the southern edge of the South China Sea, Brunei Darussalam is well placed to take advantage of growing trade within the region. Under the 10th National Development Plan, running from 2012 to 2017, the government has allocated 19.7% of the budget to communications and transportation projects. Major investments in infrastructure are designed to have an impact beyond simply serving domestic demand, and are geared towards encouraging more international shipping lines and logistics operations to set up shop locally. Far exceeding the Sultanate’s current demand for passenger and cargo traffic, improvements across a number of modes will serve to ensure ample room for growth in the years to come.

This chapter contains interviews with Pehin Dato Suyoi Osman, Minister of Development; and Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman, Royal Brunei Airlines.

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Sketch of Pehin Dato Suyoi Osman, Minister of Development
OBG talks to Pehin Dato Suyoi Osman, Minister of Development