Brunei Transport 2013
Despite having sufficient capacity at its Muara Port, Brunei Darussalam has carried out several upgrades and built three inland container depots that offer improved Customs processing and better refrigeration. While Brunei Darussalam’s infrastructure is modern, it is comparatively basic. The country’s ambition to serve as a centre for regional trade, however, is now motivating a number of investments and long-term strategic planning. Carefully planned investments can serve to make Brunei Darussalam’s transport sector, if not the catalyst of economic transformation, at least an enabling factor. This chapter contains interviews with Dato Abdullah Bakar, Minister of Communications; Pengiran Zain, Acting Director of Ports; and Dermot Mannion
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Sketch of Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman, Royal Brunei Airlines (RB)
OBG talks to Dermot Mannion, Deputy Chairman, Royal Brunei Airlines (RB)