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Jaime Perez-Seoane de Zunzunegui
16 August 2018
Special Reports

How does the idea of sustainable and environmentally friendly commitments evolve in Africa?


Africa Economy
Souhir Mzali
1 June 2018
Special Reports

Scaling the Algiers Smart City approach may provide a way to develop ICT in an effective and sustainable way

Patrick Cooke
22 February 2017
Special Reports

For decades, the Anglo-Saxon economic model has increasingly disenchanted the developing world. It has found the overemphasis on financial indicators and the lack of regard for people, the land and water, health and culture run counter to the long-term interests of society.

A shift towards recognising the interdependence of an economy’s various actors has been ongoing. In many ways, Thailand has been ahead of this curve and has taken up a leadership role globally, as it recognised early the possibility that other, superior ways of organisation may exist.