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Souhir Mzali
12 October 2016
Economic Snapshots

Major developments in recent years - including the fall in global oil prices and the floating of the naira - have catalysed renewed focus on strengthening the Nigerian economy. Including accelerating diversification efforts, capitalising on the country's large population and promoting growth in the private sector.

Patrick Cooke
15 June 2016
Economic Snapshots

The increasing focus on economic diversification and the ongoing growth of non-energy sectors bodes well for the economy, as does further exploration and improved efficiency in the oil and gas industry.

Jaime Perez-Seoane de Zunzunegui
12 July 2016
Economic Snapshots

Although low oil and gas prices in 2015 had a negative economic effect on Trinidad and Tobago, the current government is pursuing a series of reforms aimed at both strengthening the energy sector and diversifying the wider economy.