CATEGORY: Economic Roundups

Patrick Cooke
6 February 2018
Economic Roundups

In this our second podcast, Asia Editor, Patrick Cooke, catches up with Philippines Editorial Manager, Jean-Pierre Salendres, in Manila to discuss the economic outlook for ASEAN’s third largest economy in 2018.  

Jaime Perez-Seoane de Zunzunegui
28 January 2018
Economic Roundups

The last quarter of 2017 surprised even the most optimistic observers. However, the positive performance of that period does not preclude a sense of uncertainty for 2018, a year that will likely prove decisive for the region. 

Souhir Mzali
19 December 2017
Economic Roundups

OBG’s African economies have rolled out new capital market instruments and more transparent Customs procedures; they have paved the way for bigger and better-capitalised banks and the emergence of new innovative technologies; and they have made it easier for citizens to access everything from microcredit to health insurance to a well-paying job.