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Oliver Cornock
22 February 2016
Economic Snapshots

Higher construction and real estate activity has had a knock-on effect on the Bahraini economy, boosting a wide range of sectors.

Oliver Cornock
26 February 2017

Bahrain has continued to offset the effects of the drop in oil prices with a host of measures, including moves towards subsidy reduction. A series of big-ticket projects are under way in a number of sectors and the government is pushing ahead with its all-important diversification initiatives, with a $32bn investment strategy fuelling activity across a variety of areas of the economy. Ongoing investment in the energy sector is expected to help boost the economy in coming years, particularly in terms of enhancing refining and providing a reliable supply of fuel for heavy industry.


Oliver Cornock
2 August 2017
Economic Roundups

When I wrote three months ago about why the economic changes afoot in the Gulf region have taken on a whole new urgency in “The challenge of change: And why it matters this time”, my analysis was very much framed against a background of anything but business as usual.