Bahrain Education

The public education system of Bahrain is poised to mark its centenary in 2019, but the main focus in the country’s schools and universities is further in the future. New institutions are being built and opened in both the public and private sectors to serve young people from nursery age through to postgraduate study. According to international indices, Bahrain’s schools are outperforming many in the region, and results are improving, but there is still some way to go if they are to match the best in the world.

This chapter contains an interview with Riyad Y Hamzah, President, University of Bahrain; and Ahmed Al Shaikh, Director, Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance.

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Interviews & Viewpoints

Sketch of Riyad Y Hamzah, President, University of Bahrain (UoB)
Riyad Y Hamzah, President, University of Bahrain (UoB): Interview