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The region’s exchanges have operated in adverse economic conditions since the decline of oil prices began in the second half of 2014, and the Bahrain Bourse is no exception. However, the apparent stabilisation of global oil prices in 2016 has brought a similar firming of the main index and, after a year of shrinking stock prices, some increasingly attractive valuations. The larger story of 2016, however, has been of some important structural advances, such as the introduction of real estate investment trusts and the emergence of a vibrant secondary debt market. More legislative and infrastructural developments due in 2017 promise to sustain this forward momentum.

This chapter contains an interview with Najla M Al Shirawi, CEO, Securities and Investment Company.

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Sketch of Najla M Al Shirawi, CEO, Securities & Investment Company
Najla M Al Shirawi, CEO, Securities & Investment Company: Viewpoint