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The industrial sector is seen as having potential to drive economic diversification and reduce the import bill. In addition to heavy industrial subsectors such as steel and cement, pharmaceuticals, agri-business and automotive manufacturing hold promise in becoming key exporters. For the sector as a whole, and particularly for small businesses, investment in logistics and transport capacities will be crucial to building a local ecosystem that is robust enough to position industry as a key driver of growth. In addition to its hydrocarbons wealth, Algeria is rich in a variety of minerals, such as phosphate, gold, iron, zinc, lead and others. These ores are still largely untapped, but the diversification drive deployed by the government to reduce the country’s reliance on oil and gas and direct it towards more sustainable growth could lead to greater development of this heretofore marginal industry. This chapter contains an interview with Amara Charaf-Eddine, CEO, Madar Holding.

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Sketch of Amara Charaf-Eddine, CEO, Madar Holding
Amara Charaf-Eddine, CEO, Madar Holding : Interview